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2018 Conference Concurrent Sessions

2018 Conference Concurrent Sessions

2018 Conference Concurrent Sessions

2018 Conference Concurrent Sessions

The concurrent sessions for the 2018 International Boarding Conference are listed below.

You can download a sheet describing each session here.

Session 1 - 11.45am - Wednesday 3 October

A: Decoding our International Girls - Caralyn Dea and Kristy Kendle, Toorak College

B: 5 Top Tips for Dealing with Challenging Parents - Hayley Hall, Seymour College

C: Traffic Lights: Healthy sexual development and protecting children and young people from harm - Claire Moran, True Relationships

D: Building culture through leadership - David Scholz, Scotch College

E: How Positive Education and Developing a Positive Culture is helping Geelong Grammar School’s Middle School - Jane Horne and Peter Sherwin, Geelong Grammar School

F:  Cultural adaptation of Chinese students in Australia—setting them up for academic success and beyond!   - Jing Cao, Chinese Language and Cultural Advice

G: Flipping the Classroom on Staff PD - Scott Anderson, CompliSpace

H: The impact of social media and technology on teenagers - Mel Kettle, Communication and Engagement Expert

Session 2 - 11.15am - Thursday 4 October

A: SEAM - Geoff Guggenheimer and Dan Church, Melbourne Grammar School

B: Beyond positive education: the smell of inspiration in the morning … - Jeremy Holt, Utahloy International School Zengcheng China

C: To Have fun or die trying – Look at activity planning and risk management without fear - Phil Noble, Prince Alfred College

D: Problems into Solutions - Mika Browning, St Michael’s Collegiate

E: Taking the boarding wellbeing 'temperature': How are your boarders' going? How do you know? - Dr Julie Hodges, Mark Oliphant and Jason Wynne-Markham, EDUmatters

F: Changing a culture - Jane Shone, Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne

G: Using social media and technology as a force for good - Mel Kettle, Communication and Engagement Expert

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