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2017 Leaders Conference Program

2017 Leaders Conference Program

2017 Leaders Conference Program

2017 Leaders Conference Program

Leaders Conference Program

A conference on Positive Change Creating the Future for Boarding Schools focussing on Residential Life and Youth Development led by Dr. Christopher Thurber


Sunday 13 August

8:00—8:45    Registration, welcome coffee and tea

9:00—9:10    Welcome and Introduction

9:10—10:30    Keynote: Flight Attendants, Nuns, and Hotel Rooms: Positive Psychology in Action

10:30—11:00    Morning tea

11:00—12:30    Workshop #1: Applying the Principles of Positive Psychology

12:30—13:30    Lunch

13:30—15:00    Workshop #2a: Smartphone Street Interviews: Creating the Future

Interview 3 random people on the street who answer these three questions:

  • “What was one of the most powerful learning experiences from your childhood?” 
  • “How could something like that be part of boarding school life?”
  • “For some people, the stereotype of a boarding school is stuffy and traditional. How could boarding schools evolve to stay relevant in the future?”

15:00—15:30    Afternoon tea

15:30—17:00    Workshop #3: The Phone Call: A Crash Course in Customer Service

17:00—21:00    Ferry to Riverview

21:00—    After party at Rydges World Square


Monday 14 August

8:15—8:50    Welcome coffee and tea

9:00—10:30    Workshop #2b: Sampling and Discussion of Uploaded Interviews

  • Large-group broadcast of uploaded interviews
  • What themes emerged? Any surprises? Any differences from those who boarded as children?
  • Is there a convergence between your ideas and the public’s ideas about the future of boarding schools in Australia? What ideas does this give you for training? For customer service?
  • What are the implications of this research for marketing, residential life, and pastoral care?

10:30—11:00    Morning Tea

11:00—12:30    Workshop #4: Preserving Professional Staff-Student Boundaries

  • Part I: Key Concepts and Complex Case Studies
  • Part II: Human Vulnerabilities and Institutional Best Practices

12:30—13:30    Lunch

13:30—14:00    Activity: M&M Match Game

14:00—15:15    Workshop #5: Cracking Kids’ Secret Code

15:15—15:30    Evaluations, informal networking, and goodbyes

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