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Leaders Award Winners

Leaders Award Winners

Leaders Award Winners

Leaders Award Winners

Below are the details of the Award Winners.


Dave Scott, Scotch College, Adeaide

Dave’s remarkable physical feat to support Indigenous Boarders in the Yalari organisation is unsurpassed. He has devoted one year of his life to prepare for his 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 cities around Australia - all for a boarding cause.

This selfless act should be recognised by all working in boarding. Furthermore he has transformed single sex boarding at Scotch College, Adelaide into a real co-educational experience with boys and girls living harmoniously under the age roof. He had to lead from the front to do this and his systems and processes are a model to all. He has revolutionised combination within the boarding community and it is a good model for others.


Kim Walters, Worawa Aboriginal College

During Kim’s time as Head of Boarding she has transformed the boarding program at Worawa Aboriginal College. Prior to her arrival the boarding program was struggling with numbers, staff morale and the challenge to make it a safe place for their boarders.

Worawa Aboriginal College, a boarding only school, accepts Indigenous girls from years 7 to 10, and within this many students arrive with complex emotional and psychological needs arising from disadvantaged and dysfunctional family and community backgrounds. Kim’s role is to recruit and support these girls, and help them prepare to be ready to enter mainstream boarding schools for their senior years. 

The Worawa Pathways to Womanhood is a program delivered through the residential program led by Head of Boarding, Kim Walters. Through a series of modules students are led through a pathway of developmental activities. Beginning with self-awareness, it assists students to build resilience and takes the student through personal care, increasing cultural awareness, social skills and public speaking and leadership skills. Kim is pivotal in ensuring the continuation of learning outside of the classroom. As a result the College has been privileged to see some amazing transformations and student personal growth. She has been a key part in the provision of sporting, cultural and artistic activities for the girls, ensuring their time outside of the classroom is active and engaging.



Tina has been Head of Boarding at St Mary’s Anglican Girls School in Perth for 9 years. The great name that she has developed for St Mary’s boarding has meant that while other similar schools have decreased their numbers over the past decade, St Mary’s numbers have increased, and they now have 187 boarders, up from the mid 160s just a few years ago. St Mary’s is one of the premier boarding houses in Western Australia, ensuring that their boarders have first class learning, pastoral care, extra-curricular and accommodation experiences. It is Tina Campbell who initiates and drives these opportunities.

In 2016, Tina presented at the inaugural Global Forum on Girls’ Education in New York City at one of the Inspire roundtable sessions, with her topic focusing on the little things that are important in boarding that enhance pastoral care for students. 

Tina is strongly committed to positive education, starting with her attendance at the course held at Geelong Grammar School and she has driven it enthusiastically in the boarding house. Due to her initiative to provide significant and extensive academic support for boarders during prep time, St Mary’s has seen boarders ATARs improve each year. She has set up intensive and targeted help for all boarders. 

Tina has been Chairman of the Western Australian division of ABSA and while she was leading this organisation she set up an excellent professional development programme for staff involved in boarding as well as social occasions for students. When she finished in this position, she left the association in very good shape for the future. She was also Secretary to the National Board of ABSA during this time.

Tina is a leader and a role model for all staff in education and a worthy winner of this Premier Leadership Award. 




Bernie Dean is an outstanding leader in Boarding and Residential Care in Australia. 

He has considerable experience in Boarding at all levels and has made contributions to boarding at a national level. 

He has been involved in Boarding at: 

• 1986 Head of Residence, St Teresa’s College, Abergowrie 

• 1990 - 1995 Residential and Curriculum Management, Nudgee College 

• 1996 - 2004 Head of Boarding, Rostrevor College 

• 2005 Head of Residential Care, Downlands College 

• 2008 - Current Director of Boarding, Immanuel College 

His commitment to his own professional development and to the training of his staff is exceptional. All boarding staff at Immanuel are qualified for a Certificate in Residential Care. 

Bernie regularly supports and mentors staff and leaders in other boarding situations across Australia. He has assisted in reviewing and supporting boarding facilities beyond Immanuel. 

He has also contributed significantly to residential care and boarding at an academic level. His Master’s thesis is on “The Effects of Employment in Boarding Schools on the Families of Married Residential Schools Workers.” Master of Education (Research), Australian Catholic University 1995. 

Bernie has also written a training Course for Residential Staff in Boarding Schools in Queensland, writing nine training units specialising in the secondary boarding context. The Course implemented nationally in 1991. 

He has also written several papers on residential staff training. 

Bernie’s support for his colleagues in boarding nationally is exceptional. He regularly assists and mentors other boarding colleagues and has assisted in lifting boarding standards internationally. 

Bernie is highly regarded by his staff, professional colleagues and parents at Immanuel College. Bernie has created a unique co-ed boarding environment which has evolved into family based boarding. He has created a strong well trained professional team who have become residential care professionals. He is loved, trusted and respected by parents and is at his best in a crisis. In these experiences he brings wisdom, compassion and experience in all he does. Students respect him for his passion and personal commitment to developing their lives. They know his commitment in caring for them goes well beyond his paid role. 


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