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Innovation Award Winners

Innovation Award Winners

Innovation Award Winners

Innovation Award Winners

Below are the details of the Award Winners.


Scotch College, Perth

The Bibbulmun Track is an arduous trek that the boys commence in Year 8; many are overwhelmed with the experience as they come to terms with a foreign environment and are forced to rely on themselves and their peers in order to get through each leg of the journey.

However, it is not long until they discover the virtues of such an experience as the group of boys forge friendships and bonds that will last the next five years and beyond. As they grow and mature with each successive section of the track, the boys develop a better sense of mateship and team spirit as they discover the importance of considering others and that life is very much about helping and relying on each other.

The expeditions, from Year 8 to Year 12, form an integral part of each boy’s emotional, physical and intellectual development, which makes the journey all the more remarkable for its ability to capture the essence of the adolescent journey. Boys walk approximately 200 kilometres a year in two one-week blocks each year. Each stage gives the opportunity for boys to develop new personal and interpersonal skills.


Michael Holland for his role in developing the Reach School Boarding House System - nominated by Reach

Having an idea and then making it a reality are two very different things. In January, 2013 Michael Holland had the idea and made it a reality.

This project began from a conversation about Rugby at Guildford Grammar School and has become a system that can be used by all in boarding. Michael's expertise and experience have assisted in the continued development of REACH Boarding System.

Michael Holland saw a need for a tool that could manage the multitude of functions necessary in the operation of a successful boarding house. Boarders’ leave arrangements, attendance and rolls, projected meal numbers for the Catering Department in a timely manner, recording behaviour and pastoral issues in a searchable format, communicating this information to relevant staff and parents, and being able to quickly access contact information for boarders, their parents and hosts are all part of this system. 

While Reach was busy creating the Boarding Management System, Michael set about convincing the Business Manager at Guildford Grammar School that such a system would improve efficiencies and represent great value for money and the school began piloting the system. Initially, only the leave module was used and it immediately reduced significantly the amount of time spent on administration. Over time other modules were used and staff quickly saw the benefit of having pertinent information stored in a central system that could be accessed remotely.

Reach has now been adopted by schools across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and even the United States with interest now from Canada and the UK. It has centralised Boarding House operations in a system that is easy to use and stores information that is quickly accessible.

Michael gave up his time selflessly, attending weekly developmental meetings and has encouraged others to take up the system to achieve a “best practice” model.


The Peninsula School - Drumbeat

At The Peninsula School's Jaffray House, international boarding students learn to grow and flourish within a structured framework delivered through a range of programs. This provides boys with the opportunities to test life skills they will need to call upon to meet the challenges required of a meaningful life. One such program that focuses on social and emotional learning is DRUMBEAT. DRUMBEAT is an acronym that stands for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts. Music is a novel way to break down the barriers these students face, providing the impetus for exchange and interaction. It is for this reason that DRUMBEAT has been such an evocative and powerful program in providing the boys the chance to explore these themes and issues in a fun and interactive way. 



City Beach Residential College - Positive Behaviour Support App



The App taps into the communication method being used by our students as a way of supporting the PBS message from staff. Staff are able to use the prerequisite PBS language when engaging with students, but then follow this up with ‘PBS points’ being awarded via the app which students receive as a push notification. 


The push notification received lets students know who awarded the points, and for what behaviour expectation it aligned with. In most instances where a staff member has already recognized the behaviour, the who and what for is already answered, but we like to think of the situation where a student is travelling to school on the bus (and maybe aren’t having the best morning), and they receive a push notification to let them know that they have been awarded a PBS point for something as simple as being ‘responsible’ and making their bed well. Hopefully this puts a smile on their face and helps their day move in a positive direction. 


Students can track not only their own individual points accumulated, but can also monitor the accumulated points for their respective houses which they are contributing towards. 


Students and houses can use their accumulated points to earn prizes at the college. 


The creation and implementation of the app has meant that PBS has gone from promoting our expectations through a change in mindset of our staff and students, to something which is in conversation across all year levels in all areas of our college.


ABSA - Australian Boarding Schools Association