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2018 National Boarding Week Competition winners

National Boarding Week ABSA

Why I love Boarding 

Maya from St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School in Perth:  "Many poetic hearts and bunches of sporty stars, and many varieties of imaginations clumped into one community. One of the best homes I’ll ever have."

Val from The King’s School, Tudor House: "I think boarding is great because…
Playing outside after its dark
Catching yabbies after school
Catching fish in the dam after sport on Saturday
Writing to my parents on Monday nights. 

Zindendria Erepia from St Saviour’s College, Toowoomba: 

“Home is far but shared here
Happiness is contagious
Unity is the base
Differences are welcomed
And independence begins”


Room Competition 

What a pretty room, so vibrant and colourful! This room belongs to Ellie, Bella, Jessica and Georgia from Wenona.


Distance to School from Home competition 

Arthur Van der Vennet from St Peters Lutheran College has to travel from Cadiz, Spain to attend school in Brisbane. Which is a total travel distance of 17,815 kilometres. 

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