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Fun During Rainy Days


Use These Tips to Help Kids Have Fun During Rainy Days

At a loss for how you can keep your students busy during the upcoming rainy season? When it’s pouring outside, it can be hard to come up with fun, educational activities for kids to do inside. However, with the help of the internet, you can easily create ways to use this time indoors in positive, productive ways. If you’re looking for lesson ideas for those cold, rainy days, look no further than these ace tips.

Have Kids Make Up a Story 

If the weather is rotten outside, you can still have fun in the classroom by planning a story hour. Have children help make up a story as a group to work on their creative writing and social skills. You can use a picture book with no words or grab some art supplies and have them illustrate their own story. Creating a story as a collective group will help children practice essential skills, such as decision-making, creative thinking, and communication. 

Create Useful Fun with Math     

Math is such an important subject for children to master, but it’s often the least favorite subject for kids to learn. You can help change this by developing activities that help children put math to fun, practical use. By including everyday math application activities in your rainy day plans, you can encourage students to sharpen the skills they will need as adults. They can use math to build cities, shop, or even explore space. You can tailor these activities to specific ages and interests, so it’s easy to find a math activity any kid will love.

Design a Simple Science Experiment  

Another crucial subject for children to gain experience in is science. STEM fields, including science, are rapidly becoming some of the most lucrative and fulfilling career areas for young adults to aspire to. You can foster an interest in science by allowing children to take part in some simple but engaging science experiments. With a few basic ingredients, kids will marvel at how easy it is to make a glass of lava. Be sure to use safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and aprons to keep things clean and safe.

Use the Weather in Your Lessons  

Weather can be an interesting topic for children to learn about as well. So, if it is cloudy and cold outside, use the weather to help your kids learn about the environment around them. You can cover various forms of clouds and how they develop in our skies. Or, get really creative and have children make their own weather indoors. They can create a tornado using some dish soap and a jar, or use a few materials to make lightning. Hands-on activities are the best way for kids to learn about the weather and the world outside.

Get Everyone Moving  

Dreary weather can put a damper on outside play and fun. But kids and adults alike need daily exercise to keep themselves healthy and happy. One way to have everyone get up and get moving without getting bored is to have a dance party. You can use online tutorials to learn classic dance moves, such as this thrilling routine. As the rainy season continues, choose a different dance to learn each week to help children burn off all that pent-up energy.  

Have an Art Session 

Being stuck indoors can be pretty stressful for everyone. Calm things down by allowing everyone some creative time during the day. Break out some art supplies and allow children to make some art. If you need something a bit more organized, find a step-by-step painting or drawing guide and have everyone create the same thing in their own individual way. Art is a great way to relieve stress and encourage children to explore their creative side. 

Creating fun, educational activities for rainy days doesn’t have to cause you stress. With a few online activities and a little planning, you’ll have kids exploring and learning no matter what the weather brings! 

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