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Launching National Boarding Week

ABSA National Boarding Week


Boarders Run Australia
We want every boarder in Australia to run, walk or at least move one kilometre during the week. Once each school has reported in that their boarders have done this we will be able to publicise that boarders have now run the whole circumference of Australia. It would be great if photos of boarders doing this, especially if they were in areas with some spectacular scenery, could be sent to us to use. If you were posting these on Twitter or Instagram, please use #boardersrunAustralia

Below are some other ideas we have come up with that you might do during the week to highlight just how good it is to be a boarder. Please send in photos of anything you do so we can use them in all our media releases.

  • A competition for boarders - 25 words or less “Why I love Boarding”
  • Find out who travels the furthest to school - a top 10 of who travels the furthest to school and how they actually get there, both for Australia and for Overseas
  • On all social media please use the hashtag #whynotboarding
  • Students form words on an oval and send in a photo - our hashtag?
  • Each boarding school put something on your billboard
  • An assembly to highlight the boarders
  • Each school to get at least one cool story in the media


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