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St Margaret's Anglican Girls School - Diversity Weekend


The See My Difference, See My Worth festival was born from a conscious effort to contribute to developing a culturally safe boarding community.  We wanted the celebration to ‘difference’ in our community to be more than difference in ethnicity.  We wanted to set the standard that all difference is valuable and to be appreciated.  For this reason, a wide variety of activities were selected based on the expertise and interests of a broad selection of students.  

Hosting the festival without talking with the students about why we were holding the festival seemed superficial and like a token gesture.  We wanted the Boarders to connect intimately with the goal of celebrating difference; to understand that celebrating difference means responding positively to other people; to be open to learning and asking when we don’t understand someone; to see things that are different about others as strengths and reason to get to know them, and to be challenged to participate with a sense of ownership and personal investment in this campaign.  We wanted to set the standard that all difference is valuable and to be appreciated.

To ensure that the students understood the value of the festival, workshops were run to give them a thorough understanding of the meaning behind “See My Difference, See My Worth”.  They ran in the evening across the week leading up to the festival.  They were simple in format with the intention of being able to train the Year 12 students run them for the rest of the Boarding House.  By the end of the week the Year 12 girls were running the workshops. 

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