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Winners of our National Boarding Week Competitions

National Boarding Week









The boarders reported to us who travel the furthest to school:

From inside Australia - from Christ Church Grammar School, Perth (boarder is from Brisbane) - 4338km
From outside Australia - from St Catherine’s School, Victoria (boarder is from Cambridge in the UK) - 16855km

Our ‘Why I Love Boarding’ competition:

Winner 1:
All the girl boarders at Heather Reilly House, Peninsula Grammar, Mt Eliza, Victoria wrote:
It is filled with sounds of laughter, music and singing.
Reaching out, extending a hand.
A community full of compassion and achievements.

Winner 2:
Kit Kalil Murphy from Knox Grammar School wrote:
As I edge further into adulthood, the boarding house has prepared and moulded me into a man through the compassionate and loving family around me.

Winner 3:
Claudia from Ascham in Sydney wrote:
Outrageous fun
Dinner is yum!
        Intelligent girls
Naughty chickens
       Great for me


Well done to everyone for taking part!

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