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Online Scholarship Guide for Rural and Regional Students




Not-for-profit organisation the Country Education Foundation (CEF) has launched a new online Scholarship Guide today to help young rural and regional Australians access scholarships, grants and bursaries.

This purpose-built online search platform is the first of its kind for country kids and their families and will allow people to search hundreds of scholarships in just a few quick clicks.

While there continues to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships up for grabs in the tertiary education sector, knowing where to look and how to apply is a big hurdle for students, especially country students who don’t have easy access to tertiary institutions.

That’s why CEF have brought together scholarships from a broad range of facilities on one easy to use website. The CEF 2017 Scholarship Guideis a one-stop-shop for higher education scholarship opportunities.

“We are firm believers that your postcode shouldn’t determine your destiny,” CEF CEO Sarah Taylor said. “School leavers from rural and regional Australia have just as much potential as kids who grow up in the city but are being locked out of further education because of financial pressures and a lack of access to opportunities.”

Ms Taylor said CEF is committed to levelling the higher education playing field for rural and regional students. “When I talk to students and families from rural Australia one reason kids are not going on to further education is because they simply can’t afford to move away from home.

“When a young person has to relocate for further study it costs more than $30,000 a year just for rent and living costs. Add to that course fees, textbooks and equipment and the hurdle is just too high in a lot of cases. Relocation costs, accommodation and living expenses are closing the door on opportunity for a lot of country kids and that’s just not fair.”

Macquarie University are the major sponsor of the CEF 2017 Scholarship Guide. “Macquarie University recognises the special challenges that students from regional and remote areas face in accessing higher education, not least the additional costs involved in relocation. We are proud to partner with the Country Education Foundation in producing this comprehensive and user-friendly compendium of financial support available to these students from a wide range of sources,” Director, Widening Participation, Ruth Tregale, said.

Origin Foundation have also partnered with CEF on this project. The Head of the Origin Foundation, Sean Barrett, said, “Education allows young people to realise their career aspirations. We know students in rural and regional areas often do not have the same access to the educational opportunities of those in metropolitan areas.  Our support of the Scholarships Guide is one way we can foster educational and career achievements of youth in rural Australia.”

The CEF 2017 Scholarship Guide is available to search now at

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